Governance Support

As your charity grows in income, workforce and reach, so too does the importance of having watertight governance structures and systems in place to ensure the smooth running of your charity from top to bottom. Whether it’s establishing financial controls, having effective delegated authority structures in place or creating service level agreements between your growing departments, Charitas Consulting can help fortify your governance procedures. 

Equally so, we can help you navigate rules and regulations from the charity commission and understand reporting obligations, get in touch and see how we can help.

Our core values

Act with Integrity

Our work ensures the highest ethical standards in all we do, brokering trust and accountability.

Make a Difference

Our engagement seeks to make lasting change with sustainable interventions.

Create Collaboration

Our philosophy puts people at the centre of all we do creating partnerships with value add - 1+1 = 3.

Reimagine the Possible

Our attitude drives solutions with creativity and innovation operating outside the box.

Keep It Simple

Our style is uncomplicated and straightforward. We say it as it is.

Go the Extra Mile

Our aspiration is to exceed expectations in every area of our work.

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